Producer History

Writing and Mixing

Most Murphy's Law scripts are co-written by Kristen Hamilton of Murphy's Law. WRE scripts are written as a group. All productions are mixed by myself, though.


Stand alone productions from podcasts to radioplays.

QI Podcast Quiz Show
Fan production based on the Quite Interesting television series created and produced by John Lloyd. Subject matter was procured from the show and through The Book of General Ignorance, written by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson.

Worst Radioplay Ever?

The WRE is a round-robin style radioplay written and performed as a group. Can such a radioplay be any good or will it be the worst ever? Listen and find out.

Cycle One: School Blows
Trouble abounds at school when students find themselves at the mercy of bad opera, dimentional travel and evil smoothies.

Cycle Two: Business Ethics
A normal day at the office is interupted for an icecream break and the coming equine apocalypse. Can the brass frog save the day?

Cycle Three: In the End
Good and evil may be shades of grey but One will have to face the truth sooner or later as his neighborhood challenges his sanity.

Cycle Four: Secret Weapons
What started out as a night of delinquent fun is now a trainwreck of random insanity! Will they save the day or be forced to do child labor as part of an evil plot?

Murphy's Law Accompaniments

Murphy's Law is a novel series for young adult to adult audiences. These accompaniment skits serve to further entertain readers as extras in the monthly updates. See the Murphy's Law audio page for more details.

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