The One and Only

What's in a name?

Whether you call me Niko Ford or Nikoshinigami, I'm still the same crazy, somewhat crass individual with the shrill, squeaky voice.

Niko Ford

actor, writer, singer, producer and general smart ass

  Range - Medium Low to High
  Voice Types - Children [boys and girls], teen &
  adult women.
  Good at - Evil laughter & crying
  Bad at - Battle cries

Mature Content
  Swearing - Yes
  Sex - Case by case basis
  Violence - Yes, but my battle cry is laughable

  4 time superior rated UIL soloist

Free Speech
  I've been voice acting since early 2007. My first big roles were as Kat, Roo and Beth Spear in Agent 003 in which I played an older woman, a military-esque operative and an alien teenager. Though most productions I've been casted in have been canceled, I was extremely lucky that not only did the producer not drop the radioplay, he released episodes quite regularly throughout the eleven episode run. It was through Agent 003 that I first heard the voices of Morgan "Mochan" Barnhart and Quint "Bomberman" Boyd who would become large parts of my AVA life.
  While producing short audio clips for my novel project, I was invited to be a guest on Mo and Q's Take 3 podcast. We had so much fun I was invited back to cohost with Mochan during Bomberman's absence and the three of us began a professional and personal friendship.
  By 2008 I had done several podcasts for Take 3 and Radioplay Contests, had been involved in a failed AVA website --for which I had written several articles--and had produced a handful of one-shot radioplays. When Mochan and Bomberman needed guest hosts to help host their podcasts while the two were busy, Travis, or BigTUnit1, and I answered the call and the show went on. I have since had the pleasure of meeting Mo, Q and Travis in person.
  As of 2015 I continue to do occasional voice acting productions while perusing stage acting opportunities in my community.